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Non Ferrous Trading

Non Ferrous Material

MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC has been involved in the trading of all non ferrous metals and specializes in the commercial recycling of residues and byproducts generated by the mining, metallurgical and chemical processing industries.

Ferrous Trading

Ferrous Trading

Our Ferrous Trading activities are centralized around a scrap yard in Georgetown, Guyana. Scrap is also sourced in the
Caribbean and Africa.

Mineral Asset Development

Ariel View of Mbesa Mine

The mineral asset development business consist of projects in Guyana, Uganda, Tanzania and DRC, and range from development of green field projects to modernization of existing small scale smelters and mines.

Aggregate and Dimension Stone

Aggregate and Dimension Stone

The aggregate and dimension stone business is being developed in Guyana to serve the local and regional demand for general construction and sea defense projects.

Anticipated local demand for both aggregates (for construction) and boulders (for Rip Rap sea defense work) shows that an operation producing up to 200,000 tons per year of aggregates and boulders would be viable.


Printed Circuit Board

Weee Metallica runs the first industrial facility exclusively dedicated to printed circuit board recycling.

The company was founded in 2006 with a focus on research, design and implementation of metals recovering processes. Terra Nova operates a 30,000 tonne per year facility, built circuit in 2010 and commissioned in 2011 as the first plant exclusively dedicated to the recycling of printed circuit boards. Terra Nova is working to recycle the ‘urban mine” – the circa 25 kilogram of electronic waste disposed of each year by the average European.

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