Alluvial Gold Deposit Exploration & Extraction

MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC has acquired the rights to explore and extract gold in the M-31 concession in the mining region of Omai, Guyana. The property is located in the old Cambior / Omai gold mine. Preliminary exploration results indicated a alluvial gold reserve of approximately <strong>400,000 oz.</strong> These preliminary results are collaborated with historic Omai Gold’s exploration results for this area. MCC has started a comprehensive exploration program of the area (auger drilling) to verify these preliminary findings. In addition, to the exploration program , an initial gold recovery plant has been set up using gravity concentration techniques. The plant consist of a mining unit (dredging), a processing unit (Knelson and Jigs), and a laboratory unit (with fire assay and AA capabilities).

Exploration for Base Metals, Gold and Rare Earths

MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC has acquired the rights to explore approximately 40,000 acres spread out over 5 mining districts in Guyana. MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC has assembled team of geologist that are in various stages of exploration in these 5 explorations properties.

MCC, through it’s wholly owned subsidiary in Tanzania (Mineral Access Systems Tanzania Limited) is a managing partner in a small scale Copper (Malachite) Mine in the Mbesa region. MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC has just completed the initial modernization phase of mine development and is awaiting the arrival of additional mining equipment. Local mining engineers have been hired and they are in the process of developing a comprehensive mine plan. With implementation of modern mining equipment and a comprehensive mine plan to follow, the output of the mine is forecasted to increase by 300% by mid 2012.


MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC, through it’s Ugandan subsidiary (MASU), has acquired the exploration rights to 78,000 acres ( 315 km2) of prime mining area in the Hoima, Buliisa and Masindi districts of Uganda. This area is adjacent to proven copper reserves and on the basis of aerial magnetic reconnaissance imaging is estimated to contain significant base metal reserves. Metallica has completed Phase I of the exploration plan (Reconnaissance Geological Survey) and based on positive results initiated Phase II of the exploration plan (Detailed Geological Mapping , Mineral Prospecting and Limited Rock /Soil) which is set to begin in the coming months.

DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

MCC is currently in the process of reviewing the feasibility of restarting a small copper smelter in the DRC that is capable of producing 500 tons/month of copper blister (Cu 85% -92%) based on locally available raw materials. The smelter stopped operating in 2008, during the global economic meltdown and all the structures are in place to facilitate an easy restart.