MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC has been involved in the trading of all non ferrous metals and specializes in the commercial recycling of most residues and byproducts resulting from the mining, metallurgical and processing industries. These include precious metal bearing residues and by-products as well as other industrial minerals (bauxite, tantalite and byproduct slags), metal containing industrial/domestic wastes and steel scrap. Together the traders at MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC have in excess of fifty years of combined technical and commercial experience in the Metals and Minerals industry.

The manner of business that MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC conducts largely reflects its customers such as; Teck, Korea Zinc, Aurubis, LS Nikko, Met Mex Penoles, Umicore, Gemark Corporation, Sipi Metals, Asarco, Anglogold Ashanti, Tema Oil Refinery, Commodity Resources, ECS Refining, Freeport McMoran, Padaeng Industries, Stillwater Mining, Kennecott Utah Copper, Gecamines, Nyrstar, Binani Zinc and Zinc Corporation of America; where our expertise and commitment to service have established strong relationships.

MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC has, over the years, created a niche business in which our personnel travel the world in the hunt for waste piles from which commercial metal value could be recovered while simultaneously cleaning-up the sites.

Examples are –
Successful recovery of 30,000 tons of lead and germanium from a residue stockpile in the DRC
Recovery of 12,000 tons of lead from a dump in Bulgaria
Commercialization of 8,000 tons of a copper material that contained 13% Cadmium.
Are in the process of crushing and shipping 2,000,000 ton zinc containing slag pile in North America.

In all these exercises MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC’s modus operandi was to provide assistance to the local authorities in the rehabilitation of the environmental problem by utilizing the economic value inherent in the waste.

MCC Non-Ferrous Trading, LLC, through associations with companies and agents in United Kingdom, EU, India, Japan, Tanzania, Australia, Germany, Peru, Mexico, France, Canada, China, Zambia, Uganda, Brazil and Guyana provide a very personalized and specialized niche relationships between producers, consumers and their respective markets, fully utilizing the terminal markets to manage risk and maximize returns.

All non ferrous transactions are conducted through MCC’s fully owned partner company MCC Non Ferrous Trading Inc.

The members of the trading team are assisted by an experienced cadre of agents that allow the company to reach all corners of the world.